Our Story

Founded in 1983, following the mass exodus of families from the mountain east of Saida, who sought refuge in Christian areas. A group of people of good will, including some ladies of Sin el Fil, under the supervision of Ms. Antoine Kazan, found it necessary to open a free restaurant in order to accommodate the largest possible number of new poor population. It opened its doors in 1983 in Sin el Fil, a suburb east of Beirut, under the “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” “Welcome.” The first one opened in a former school, where three populous districts: Sin el File, Nabaa and Bourj Hammoud.


Ladies who devoted themselves to this work were cooking at home, brought meals to school and ensured more service to suffice for their guests.


This attracted the attention of a number of well-doers who have subsequently transformed the restaurant by setting up the school yard and equipping of all necessary material

Our Resources

“Ahlan wa Sahlan” was able to offer onsite 4 meals per week to 400 or 500 old, and on Saturday some 800 children. The restaurant also offered breakfast to 800 other students from two primary schools in Sin el Fil, three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Ministry of Interior has received notice of the constitution of the association ‘The Restaurants of the Heart’ by official note registered audit department sub / 187 of 18/8/1988


In 1992, the association adopted a new location co-funded by the friends of the Association of “Restaurants du Coeur’ and Issam Fares.

Over time, there will be 16 restaurants in the heart spread throughout the country.

Today the Nabba Restaurant cater for hundreds of children at breakfast, everyday year around, lunch for elderly, not to mention a club where they can have their hair cut, choose from a rack of clothing generously sent by our donators, watch some TV or documentary even learn how to dance. “L’amicale des restaurants du Coeur” still helps around 13 volunteer groups by assisting them financially.




Our Mission

Our Resources

The annual budget of the Organization is approximately 300,000 US Dollars. The funding is essentially done thanks to Lebanese and foreign benefactors. With the economic and social crisis currently hitting our country, and the increasing poverty of the population, the needs are rising considerably.

President Charles Helou
Mrs. Reine Sehnaoui Codsi.
H.E. Mr. Michel El Khoury.
Mrs. Nada Abouhamad Asseily.
Mr. Joseph Khoury Helou
Mrs. Antoinette Kazan.
Mr. Noël Ayoub.
Mrs. Marylène Debbané Hochar
Mr. Sami Hochar
Financial Advisor
Mrs. Mia El Khoury Ayoub
Mrs. Alexa Kiameh.
Mrs. Emilie Rizk

How to help

By donating hot meals, food supplies or tins

By volunteering in our soup kitchen: serving food and sharing a meal with us

By granting a donation either by cash or check in the name of ‘‘Les Restaurants du Coeur’’, or by bank transfer to the following banks:


Branch: Dbaye

Swift Code: SONBLBBE

Client Name: Association des amis restaurants

Account Number: 032419

IBAN – USD: LB17006800003241945001101901


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